Chris Udoh - Everyday of the Week

Chris Udoh opens this new year for Fade Records with a massive release named "Everyday Of The Week". Exciting and fresh, the package contains an original mix and a heavy remix from Chris Fortier himself.

The first one is the original mix, a deep tech-house tune with some discrete influence of electro. Continuous and dynamic, the track starts with a nice kick pattern and a male vocal continuing with deep bass lines and later accentuating the atmosphere with new fresh riffs, acid sounds and smooth beats. It is no doubt a good tune for late night sessions.

Chris Fortier's remix brings a dark atmosphere combining a repetitive dark progressive with smooth elements of electro. The result is a strange and mysterious tune, simple and massive. There are just a few acid sounds and some deep bass lines and the track just takes its way off the scene. Hardly to anticipate the crowd's reaction in club, the track gives a strange feel listening at home.

One new Fade release! After Fabric in London and now Tigerhook Corporation, Chris Udoh takes his chance forward and impose himself as a fresh new artist. This release is to be watched.

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Chris Udoh - Everyday of the Week


Fade Records




February 6 2006


February 14, 2006 at 3:04 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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