Steve Porter presents Porter House

When we say Steve Porter it means that a lot of energetic and fat beats are flowing through the mind. And he just finished a compilation called Porter House released on Fade Records.

Porterhouse started with a memorable gig that Steve had at the Winter Music Conference in 2005, and after the release of his artist album named Homegrown, the artist thought about making an unusual mix, as it's this one. Why unusual? Because the compilation has one CD with a mix that features 26 tracks! Steve says that he had to choose between 300 tracks, but decided to pick up only productions from his circle of friends because there were too many tunes and the idea was to cement an unique style.

The mix starts off perkily with Steve Porter & DJ Hushand the track Carismo (Aaryn Blain remix) continuing with Nightstriders and the track Showcase #3. The tracks are very short; Steve wanted to keep only the essential from a tune, the vital point, so that the mix could flow easily and not to have monotone and curt stops. After progressive and breaks, Chop Shopand the track Jenk maintains the spirits alive and keeps the energy. The track are flowing one by one, from different producers such as Chris Reavey, Matt Rowan, Jonathan Hart, Chris Micali and many others. At the half a few tents of electro and house are intervening and then a little bit of tribal atmosphere, everything on a jazzy melodic line. Just two words: Party Time!!

Looks like the track with the biggest space on the mix is Porter's Funk Theory. Very dynamic, the second half of the mix is as much energetic as the first one, and the final contours discretely with the track Time Alone by Steve once again, after we bounced on jazzy beats of Aaryn Blain and Agent 001.

For 2006 Steve promises a heavy tour for his new Porterhouse and off course a monster party at this year Winter Music Conference. He went beyond limits with this CD, forming up a totally wicked mix made from 26 tracks. Funky progressive, house, techy house si breaks – in one word, eclectic. Porterhouse is party house of the highest order!

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February 14, 2006 at 1:27 AM CET


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