Dave DK - This Is Not A Problem

David Krasemann, more widely known as German producer Dave DK has been making electronic music influenced by experimental house and the early techno movement since 1995 when his Foggy Future project on Muller Records first hit the selves of underground record stores.

Since then he has released an impressive back catalogue of unique electronic dancefloor assaults on labels such as Lifetime Music, Highgrade and German electro label Television. This release on the high quality Mood Music's limited sub-label is perhaps his most house-based production to date, although it still contains the familiar cut up minimalist arrangements that are currently dominating his chosen home and studio location of Berlin.

Despite Dave DK's association with all things minimal (at least geographically) 'This Is Not A Problem' adopts a smoother, dubbier dancefloor groove with strong electro influences. Trademark tech drums and a simple but effective bassline form the foundations of the track, from which nice and fresh electronic chords gradually build, creating in the process a new progressive atmosphere. As the record develops the bass arrangement becomes more distorted, coinciding with the introduction of a rather uneventful vocal sample. This narrative offers little and the production would be just as accomplished without it. The main break removes the drums and replaces them with electronic percussion before the beat drops back in with confidence and extra purpose. Slight trance undertones become apparent as the computerised structure begins to soar in the final sections. This trend could be heard more and more within the European electronic house scene at the close of 2005, so it should be interesting to see how it develops throughout 2006. In review - deep, hip shaking and hypnotic house music that is impeccably produced. With support coming from DJ T, Phonique and James Flavour all the signs suggest that this record will work well in a variety of club environments.

On the flip 'Jus Suckas' illustrates Dave DK's wide spectrum of influences, taking in deep tech rhythms, quirky house and pop elements. The opening sequences are characterised by clean and incredibly tight production with floor shaking drums and prominent hi hats. However the atmosphere quickly transforms as an extremely funky bassline enters the fold and from this point onwards it is clear that the main objective of the composition is to move the dancefloor. The groove is made more accessible with pop components including nice hip vocal samples and spacey effects that could allow it some scope for crossover appeal. The main mechanisms of 'Jus Suckas' do not vary too much but this is one of its strengths as it simply adds to the irresistible rhythmic feel. Heavy electronic strings complete the package when they are injected to support the main beat foundations. These strings generate a darker tone as the record completes its cycle, hinting at the harder side of Dave DK's productions we have experienced on labels such as Raum. 'Jus Suckas' is an enjoyable DJ tool that contains all the right features to ensure it has a long shelf life in both the bedroom and the clubs.

Dave DK - This Is Not A Problem






November 7 2005


January 22, 2006 at 9:08 PM CET


Paul Pritchard

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