Brett Longman - Love Buff

You always get a bargain when 4 tracks are included in the same release, something that seems synonymous with the minimal techno and electro worlds. Brett takes us through a journey with 4 different paths for 4 different Djs in this the latest release from Logistic.

"Dirty at night" is a nice early groover. A simple building baseline beneath a minimal drum lime is complimented well by an array of cut hats, cowbells and vocal stabs keeping it interesting from beginning to end

"Spy Me" takes a breaks approach. Acidy sounds, an ever-changing baseline, a complicated beat structure and the inclusion of a stepped down bell keep you moving.

"New Vision" is deeper and dirtier than the first two. Keeping to a 4*4 beat with a simple hat, the inclusion of stretched vocal samples complimented by what sounds like a reverbed congo (that sounds like sonar) makes for interesting and avid listening.

"My Long foot" is the harder of the 4 and is glitched filled techno at its best. An excellent melody compliments a complicated baseline topped off with a synthesized melody. Building and calming as the track progresses, dropped on the right occasion this would certainly get the foots tapping.

An nice 4 track EP that would fill the space in any set.

Brett Longman - Love Buff




LOG 050


January 10 2006


January 16, 2006 at 7:39 PM CET


Paul Prior

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