Jeff Bennett - Accelerating

To place Jeff Bennett into one genre would be like trying to pin a tail on a invisible donkey, his fresh sound encompassing funk, minimalist and tech house beats are like no other. His latest release on his own Kung Du Dubs recordings stays in this moniker in the form of accelerating.

The Original Mix is a collage of ups and down, a funky baseline nicely tipped off with electro stabs and filtered synth, grooving and unrelenting in flow and attention to detail. Definitely one for those with low concentration because it never leaves you bored

The Mini Mix takes a slower dubbed approach. Subliminal sampling of the original ensures a warm mix for those playing behind the 12am threshold. A simpler array of sounds and unrelenting 4*4 beat touched upon by a slightly acid synth make this an excellent b-sider.

Also included in his release is Jeff Bennett - Paranormal, again one for the warm up DJs. A slow moving almost retro number, with many an organ and electro sound reversed and Arranged in a manner even Bob Marley would be proud of.

This is an excellent release of well produced and unique music, Kung Fu Dubs doesn't keep getting better because it was great along. A standing ovation of a job well done.

Jeff Bennett - Accelerating


Kung Fu Dubs




January 9 2006


January 16, 2006 at 7:24 PM CET


Paul Prior

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