CCCP - I Want Your Body

The two Lithuanians Art G and Justin Xara, together with CCCP have put out the market through Innovative Recordings a pachage of three remixes of their track I want your body. It is promoted by artists such as Sasha, Rhythm Code, Chris Salt.

The first Art G and Justin Xara electro mix is focused on electro sounds with a strong house bass, the vocal part being more subtle.

The following remix belongs to those from The Rhythm Code, to be more precise, to Neil Barber and Asher Jones. The remix is full of energy, with a strong vocal side. The bass line is more profound, spiced with different cuts which lead you on the dance floor.

Original fuzzy tribal mix is the last one on the list: a progressive with little guitar, some voice, little house influence which strives to move your dancing feet.
It appears that on the Rhythm Code remix we dance, on the other two we're doing the warm-up.

To conclude, the two Lithuanians are to be followed.

CCCP - I Want Your Body


Innovate Recordings


INN 002


December 19 2005


December 29, 2005 at 10:45 PM CET


Vlad Vancia

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