Valentino Kanzyani - iPray

One of the top Slovenian DJs and producers established in the techno edge of underground music, Valentino Kanzyani decided to start his own virtual record label named Jesus Loved You. And suddenly the first big release on the label is a three tracks package called iPray consisting in a huge variety of underground techno flavor.

The original mix starts in a mellow techy cut and blows the listeners' mind with a tricky bass line deeply penetrated by a lush breakdown. Coming on its way, a nice atmospheric melody blasts upon the energetic rhythm and takes the track up.

Next, it is Let iPray pray 4 u mix that starts off harder than the previous version. A deep, subtle but tough beat makes the silence to disappear and introduces the listener into a crazy bouncing rain of vibes. Just a few last, tech, tech!

The last but not least is Home Alone (main mix), another track that brings together a deep bass line with tough kicks and acid grooves. Very spicy from the beginning, this main mix consists in a few but prominent musical elements which make a really cool record.

Together with Umek and Laibach, Valentino Kanzyani is one of the Slovenian techno pioneers that focused upon a clear and noisy sound with a feeling of craziness. This is what his latest release also represents. Regarding the new digital label, Valentino recommends it as an "electronic praying".

Valentino Kanzyani - iPray


Jesus Loved You




December 13 2005


December 29, 2005 at 9:21 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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