Catwash - Perversions Part 1

Catwash are the production partnership of DJ Wild and Chris Carrier. Both producers have been going down well of late on labels such as Get Physical and on their own Catwash.

The Franco-American label Crack and Speed has also been making major vibrations within the tech house and electro community thanks to its fresh approach to underground electronic music. 'Perversions Part 1' states a solid case as the best release to date with 2 cracking tracks from a pair of producers on top form.

'Come to Me' starts the latest Crack and Speed showcase and it is worthy of the 'Perversions' title. The mood is definitely disturbing and heavily acidic, with a flexible 303 backing and distorted percussion. On top of these are short vocal samples and effects. The dominating bassline is suitably dark and it constantly grows alongside a threatening acid presence before temporarily subsiding, only for it to be reintroduced, throughout the duration of the track. The uncomfortable nature of the track is increased by a sleazy male vocal that chants 'Come to Me' along with other perverse sentiments. Distorted stabs work with chiming bells as the record delves deeper. Any down tempo feelings are quickly dissolved when the huge and frankly evil bass arrangements surge towards the front of the track. As 'Come to Me' reaches the final section it goes into overdrive, combining all of the components in a noisy soundclash. Overall a sleazy, dark and irresistible acid burner.

The flip is a more user friendly, containing as it does nice clean beats and fresh percussion. This tech house blueprint is typical of Chris Carrier past work and it is a welcome addition. The electrified bassline creates a funky and individual groove, and this is supported throughout by vocal snippets and sweet equalisation. Top quality claps help define the beats further until a harmoniser riff drops into the mix. This transforms the overall mood taking it into space like territories. Both producers add great touches to the bassline at the main breakdown, whilst reducing the emphasis on the drums. The record gets deeper as a result until additional acid mechanisms are sequenced to create further tension.

An accomplished 2-track release that illustrates the talents of 2 promising producers. It is unlikely to be a classic but nevertheless it is great fun to utilise in a mix, with 'Come to Me' a perfect record for shifting directions on the dancefloor - just make sure the chosen floor likes it dark!

Catwash - Perversions Part 1


Crack and Speed


C&S 015


November 21 2005


December 15, 2005 at 4:12 PM CET


Paul Pritchard

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