John Askew - Lower The Tone

I'm not particularly touched by the sound called nowadays trance music...I've seen Tiesto very recently and perhaps the guys made a very good job as anyone was bouncing near me...I' ve bounced too..I didn't care it was Tiesto, trance music, accelerated and dynamic beats, hard rhythm. It was party. Now, why am I saying this? Because John Askew has just released hist first artist album...Just like that? Yeah, John, the DJ with residencies at Turnmills (Gallery) and Ministry of Sound is now releasing his debut artist album which contains three cds. Released on Discover , the album called Lower the Tone includes not only John Askew's own productions but also a cd recorded "live as fucking fuck" @ Gallery and a bonus cd, Mixed Emotions.

The first cd has nice personal tracks, most of them trance tunes. Starting with Mood Swing, a very dizzy tune, and continuing with the trancey monsters The Door and New Dimension, the album develops a very energetic dimension of music by its forth track, Nail Gun. What can it be said? Just pure madness...After the melodic trance track Blackout, there's one more called Fuck Private Ryan (We're Dancing). The cd goes on with the hypnotic trance and definitely the feeling is upon the whole tracks. With Skylab and finally Vellum, the cd ends up here, setting the space for the second one...

For the second cd John Askew prepared a live session, recording one of his sets at The Gallery, in the London based club Turnmills. The sound quality expresses perfectly the atmosphere from that night, some great music and the crowd screaming with a crazy MC speaking at the mic. Very shortly, we have tracks such as Apogee "Tribal Affair" (Apogee Mix), Angelstyle "Oceancream", Fred Baker & Vincent Gorczak "La Parts des Anges" (Siberian Sun mix)...The set is very well built, constantly keeping the crowd electrified with the heavy bass tones and rhythms that are flowing from his tracks. Only trance music, many vocals, huge strings, melodic tents and riffs, deep and nostalgic tones...Closing the mix with Stoneface & Terminal "Miami" (Long mix) and then the massive Kuffdam & Plant "Summer Dream" (Stoneface & Terminal mix), the mix takes over the end an irresistible feeling of euphoria, love and peace..

The third cd is something unusual for dance music, something interesting and deep. The first four tracks are interludes and downtempo beats, strange and peaceful, whilst the fifth track called starts really hard with a speedy break beat rhythm and sets the fire. consists in a hard electro tune, slower this time; I think the first track a bit slower from this album. What comes next it's a portion of big laugh from John who tries to record some radio promos for Kiss 100, the interlude being called Kiss Out Takes.

With three cds, John Askew is ready to conquer the dance scene with his very fresh release Lowe The Tone. No doubt being one of the hottest trance talents around, John is offering for this material besides some quality trance tunes an insight of his personality and his activities.

John Askew - Lower The Tone






October 24 2005


November 22, 2005 at 2:36 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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