Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. - It's Too Late To Turn Back

Probably the hottest DJs and producers from Italy at the moment, Niki B and Christian E.F.F.E. are bringing one new release on the Italian label Mantra Vibes, the sub label of the historic label Expanded Music from Bologna. The two tracks release is named and brings some spicy electro pads with a mesmerized vocal.

The vocal mix starts off with a nice kick pattern and transforms into a powerful electro with some deep house elements. The male vocals are having a delicious impact upon the cherry electro synths whilst some dynamic grooves are throwing out a big energy for masses.

The flip side is particularly electro stuff and some rough techno synths complete the quirky arrangement of hihats and kicks. The vocals from this Dub mix are not so prominent leaving some place for the hard bass line to be in the front floor. A very solid groove for dance floor, that's for sure!

Deeply penetrating the worldwide dance music scene, the two Italians Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. are in a continuous ascension and each new release is polishing a new tent of their style in order to make it clean and definitive.

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Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. - It's Too Late To Turn Back


Mantra Vibes


MTR 2244


November 7 2005


November 22, 2005 at 12:29 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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