Antonelli Electr - Laziness EP

The German based label Level Records hits once again with another mind-blowing release from the artist Antonelli Electr. The disc features four original tracks consisting in a deep minimal techno with warm tones.

The side A starts with Dusty, a continuous mind travel between lush strings and warm bass lines driven by minimal pads and kick patterns. Some beautiful chords are building a peaceful atmosphere, waiting for the unpredictable to happen..
You don't have to turn on the flip side the vinyl yet, because you'll find here one more master piece - Slipstream, one of the coolest productions from the release. The kicks are accelerating some sonant vibrations and a few quirky bass lines are coming in the perfect place. Great piece of techno..

The flip side contains Snowflake Funk, a very strange and hypnotic monster. Really mind blowing, this track opens itself at the half and closes really fast, so it's really going into the minimal aria.
One last shout – the final scratch called Laziness provides some deep strings and awesome riffs. Actually the rhythm doesn't change at all, only a few instruments are introduced from time to time. Totally interesting.

Level has kept its straight path of artists and releases, and with this fifth 12" we are going to discover some new elements in the electronic music. Antonelli Electr promises a lot with his EP while the label amazes the public more and more.

Antonelli Electr - Laziness EP


Level Records




October 2005


November 21, 2005 at 10:44 PM CET


Dragos Rusu

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