Steiger - Cha Cha

After the previous 'Postcard From The Edge' released on Bedrock, the producer Simon Rogers aka Steiger makes his entrance in this season with a solid 12" released on Jukebox In The Sky, one of the coolest labels at the moment.

Oh, I hope you still remember that V.I.P. EP from the Russia's Natalia Data, cause I still can't get it out of my mind. So the latest release from Steiger is called Cha Cha and opens beside the original mix from Simon two cool tracks from Paolo Mojo and one from Slacker.

The first track is made up by Steiger and consists in a heavy but lush break beat. Loads of guitars and rock elements can be found on it, as well as a trance string builds some nice melodies around.

Paolo Mojo starts his edit with a tribal pattern but soon develops it into a tech house with some tribalistic beats. Obviously this is a great track for a night session, as well as a tough bass line comes after the half and enhances energy. Great track by Paolo, a big shout for the release.

The third track belongs to Slacker who builds up some electro grooves with massive bass lines. The progy pattern goes perfectly with the bouncing basses and provides some cheery tones. After a long breakdown where some lush pixy riffs are introduced the track takes a long path to a calm end.

The forth track is for exclusive downloads; still Paolo Mojo. In a better shape this time, some new kick patterns are coming their ways, Paolo is really innovating with his always surprising style. Better done, this version can also kick some crowd on the dance floor.

Always diversifying its style, Jukebox in the Sky proves once again its ability to develop great artists but most importantly, great electronic music. Nice one from Steiger and Paolo and Slacker, some guys to watch for!

Steiger - Cha Cha


Jukebox in the Sky


JBOX 010


November 21 2005


November 21, 2005 at 8:15 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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