Filterheadz - Cartagena

The two DJs and producers from Filterheadz, Bert & Maarten Wilmaers, are proud with a latest shot – their own record label called Love Distortion. The debut of the label featured a three tracks package from Filterheadz.

Cartagena is the result of three progressive trance and techno productions, so, for the lovers of this genre of music, Filterheadz are back!

The first track is Cartagena, a solid progressive trance with a huge rhythm and melodic riffs with an appealing sound. The track brings a lot of color, a few prominent bass lines and a massive rhythm. And this is only the specific sound from Filterheadz dotted with vocals and energy.

The track Santiago comes with some fine techno elements and gets close to the techno aria. The atmosphere becomes overwhelming after the first part, when all the sonant elements take shape and build a crescendo which touches the climax somewhere after the half.

Lima can be considered a pure madness from this material. And also the best track from these three. The euphoria installed here is unleashed from the beginning and holds on the entire length, so for the bouncers, this is the perfect choice.

After which Love Distortion made its debut with this trio package, the reactions came...A few big names that supported this release are Tiesto, Ronky Speed, Funk D' Void, Futureshock and many more...It can be said that the duo is back with fresh and cool stuff, since their label promises a lot.

Filterheadz - Cartagena


Love Distortion


LD 051001


October 24 2005


November 21, 2005 at 1:07 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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