Can Costa & Josh Collins - Peyote Ugly

After Kriece & Basek released a very good disc, it's time for the label CP Recordings to walk forward. In the focus it is now Can Costa and Josh Collins with a shine less release, but very massive on the floor.

Off course on the A the Original Mix is well done and conceived. There's a mildly excess of electro synths and lines, things which make the track to sound pretty bald and poor shade that makes the people bounce. But these elements are not that important when a pleasant riff starts and builds a wise rhythm.

Seems that the two Pig & Dan are less passionate by the electro side of music, since they made a very eclectic remix which easily flows into a massive techno! The vocals are kept from the original mix, but there's a massive and accelerated rhythm that expects near breakdowns; and also this continuous rhythm generates some dead times. All told, the remix appears more than good.

CPR bought with this fine release diversity and succeeded to put head on head two track with totally different musical directions. Oh, I was about to forget...this is called ...Peyote Ugly.

Can Costa & Josh Collins - Peyote Ugly


CP Recordings




October 2005


November 19, 2005 at 1:43 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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