Oscar G - Made In Miami

When we think of Miami we can't get out of our mind (at least mine) the brown girls sitting on chaise longues, skatters or rollers, bicyclists, long-haired ppl, black sun glasses, bikinis and off course the WMC, an event with a bigger and bigger anticipation from a year to another one. Made in Miami – this is how it sounds the latest work from the half of the Murk project, material which has been released on Star 69 Records. Together with Ralph Falcon, Oscar G made Murk Records and Murk Classic, two labels which propose to bring to the public a fresh sound and also to give back some classic established singles.

Made In Miami separates in two mixes and wants to be the main sound now from Miami, captured with fidelity and transposed over this compilation. The unedited combinations between rhythms, melodic tones, bass lines and musical instruments render a clear sound, bald in patches but refreshing in the aggregate. I don't know if Oscar wants to recommend the life style from Miami with this material, but it's certain that good music lives there!

To pick up some tracks in order to be mixed is not mostly such an easy task as it seems. Oscar needed a few months to finish his musical selection for this mix album. Therefore, soon when the first mix starts to play a very decent tribal progy flows into an electro which breaks the ice. Funky Green Dogs and Reach For Me remixed by Steve Lawler is really unleashing itself in the mix and opens a sweet taste for electronic and twisted synths. The listener is taken through the world of lots of djs / producers whom have become contributors for this album: Paul Harris, Peace Division, Dj Pezi, Basement Jaxx, Lee Combs, Austin Leeds and others. It is worthy of note that the first mix is not constant, since is changing from the unique sound of Peace Division to a funky progressive made by Blaze and lately a violent track from Austin Leeds. What is for the final? Lee Combs feat Katherine Ellis with the track Shiver (Murk Miami Heat Mix). And...that's it.

The second cd is much beyond my expectation. Well, the story changes a bit here – all it's better connected, over with that medley cocktail and even the tracks selected are made better. First one is Dirt Crew with the track Nervous. Hmm, I already start to feel differently the music, seems like the sound have a sense and is more cheerful, very recommended for my ears blasted with minimal techno. The electronic synths consolidate, the energy is emanated, the beats become supportable at the beginning and then more and more pleasant, since it's all spiced with some accapelas and vocals, samples and dj tools. Crossing after the euphoric mood with Divided Souls and the attention goes to a splash of rough beats which gradually attack and ensconces under the shape of a track produced by Lower East Side and called Sword Fight. This one really kicks everything - Dirt Crew with the track called Rock The House, even if it's a remix from Costello! Oscar doesn't stop here – we can meet artists like Mark Knight, Emjae, Soul Mekanik and many others. There is a track that haunted me all the summer and seems that I can't escape of it here: Tolfrey & Sylvester - The Horn: it knocks you into the middle of next week.

Maybe at this hour Oscar G succeeded to open the ball into his further DJ career. Anyway, he is a guy to watch for the future, maybe somebody sees him in Miami next year. As for his project with Ralph, if you want to have an idea of a recent sounds of them just look for their Essential Mix from September.

Oscar G - Made In Miami


Star 69 Records


STARCD 55272


October 4 2005


November 19, 2005 at 12:14 AM CET


Dragos Rusu

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