Bryan Zentz - Disruptor Versions One

Bryan Zentz launched his Disruptor label to pioneer a techno sound that incorporates his love of Detroit as well as wider influences that include dub and reggae. Since Disruptor's conception the output has been pretty slow, but what does get pressed is normally pretty special. With 'Versions One' the spotlight is shifted away from Bryan Zentz and is instead locked on two different but equally significant producers who are given a back catalogue track to reconstruct.

The double A side release is bumped into action thanks to Joel Mull who can do no wrong at present. Continuing his excellent form on the likes Truesoul, EC Records and even Emerson's Underwater, Mull produces a deep and destructive reinterpretation of perhaps the best Disruptor release to date - the hard edged but extremely funky 'May Your Blade Chip and Shatter'. Keeping the hardest intact Joel Mull chooses to extend the introduction to create a darker but more patient groove. The percussion is dirtier and more abrasive and the original and powerful bass line supports this rough edge. The reggae styled horn is still present but it is applied with additional delay. The track builds and builds until the trademark industrial dub inspired riff drops with notable success. Fans of the original will no doubt love this part of the track as it is pretty faithful to Bryan's version, but the extended introduction will allow them to be in the mix for a lot longer. After the break Joel Mull brings the noise levels down gradually thanks to some extra bleeps and effects taken from the original, and in turn creates a deep finish from what is essentially a tough techno track.

It is hard to pick a winner from this remix package but the clever money would probably go on Mazi Namvar's (aka Audio Soul Project) mix of 'Digital Unrest', the first Disruptor release. Fresh from mastering Bryan Zentz's latest mix project on Monoid, Mazi transfers his slick tech house sensibilities with considerable success. The high quality Audio Soul drums are on display, supported by crisp hi hats and tight programming. A subtle acid groove lurks under the surface whilst in the foreground a lush female vocal takes centre stage. Much of Mazi's recent productions have been heavy on the electronic influences but thankfully they do not dominate this piece. Instead the vocal works in conjunction with some sweet synths before the original 'Digital Unrest' melody is introduced at the breakdown. This component of Zentz's original sounds superb with the female lyrics and a fresh atmosphere is created as a result. Towards the end some quirky electro elements are added to give the drums more character but they never detract from the soulful feel. This mix is pure deep tech house, tinged with the emotive soul of the original and of Detroit. Funnily enough while Mazi's Gourmet label goes from strength to strength he has actually saved his best work for Disruptor.

Bryan Zentz - Disruptor Versions One






October 10 2005


November 11, 2005 at 2:56 PM CET


Paul Pritchard

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