Alexi Delano - The Acid Sessions 3

When a style of dance music from the past has been so comprehensively re-covered, it could be argued that the best results have already been produced. And with most new acid tracks on the market this is probably true. Not in the case of Alexi Delano's latest attempt, however. Here on Alexi's third outing on his self-titled imprint, the producer illustrates that with the right approach a fresh sound can still be created from the classic acid house blueprint. Choosing to avoid the obvious Delano harks back to the throbbing energy of the warehouse rather than letting the 303's go into overdrive via 3 raw tech tracks.

The Acid Sessions 3 begins with 'The R-Edit' - a thumping old school house composition. The hypnotic bass line powers the record along at a significant pace. As expected a menacing 303 undercurrent is present but it is for the most part restricted to the background. Instead modified vocal samples, off centre drum rolls and crashing percussion are the main focal points. 'The R-Edit' is high on intensity and it is hard to resist when the wild acidic melodies systematically dominate the track. That said it is a rough and ever changing ride that could well be lost on all but the most twisted dancefloors as the many alterations make it hard to maintain a fluid groove.

'The Org' closes the A side with the same 303 undercurrent but on this occasion it is used alongside tribal elements and an overall more solid groove, and the crisp and sharp drum sequence and fast bass line would not be out of place in an underground tech house club. A dark vocal sample is given more character by additional tribal percussion as the track gradually gets harder. The acid origins are slowly forgotten and 'The Org' turns into an all out tech house monster. The final section of the track allows a really nice melody to emerge thanks to a distorted key arrangement that contrasts well with the strong bass and dominating beat. As the last few bars fade out it would appear that 'The Org' will be more effective than 'The R-Edit' on the dancefloor, even though it still might just miss the mark with the majority.

If Alexi Delano came close to producing a couple of outstanding tracks on the A side he more than makes sure that he comes up with one on the flip. 'Acid Nights' steals the show and ensures that this is an essential purchase for fans of quirky house, electro and funky techno. The main components of the track are pretty straightforward, and include a strong disco styled kick, an incredible funky bass line and a chanting vocal. In addition, effective drum rolls support a growing 303. The simple combination of a funk inspired bass line and a subtle 303 result in a destructive groove that should prove unstoppable. 'Acid Nights' is made a little more complex with a electronic riff that sounds so successfully dated it could easily have been put together on an early Spectrum. To complete the package the Chilean born producer programmes in a throbbing breakdown that demonstrates his clear love of classic funk music. As a result it is an accomplished production that contains all the right elements to appeal to the electronic house scene as well as the techno community. It may be inspired by old school acid and funk, but it is undoubtedly a modern interpretation that might just stand the test of time itself.

A1 - The R-Edit
A2 - The Org
B - Acid Nights

Alexi Delano - The Acid Sessions 3


Alexi Delano Limited




October 10 2005


November 11, 2005 at 2:53 PM CET


Paul Pritchard

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