Martinez - Irrational Behaviour

Martinez, real name Martin Swanstein, is creating quite a fuss within tech house circles. Receiving praise from most if not all of the major tech house players as well the minimal mafia in Europe he is slowly developing an impressive portfolio of work. Silicone Soul are big fans, and after commissioning him for the remix duties of their album track 'Under a Werewolf Moon' they have also secured his services for a release on their Darkroom Dubs label, due out next month. In the meantime, however, the Dirt Crew have the pleasure of presenting his talents on their new label Players Paradise.

The title track 'Irrational Behaviour' contains the tight electronic drums and distinctive clicks that have been important parts of his past records. A nice deep melody is created thanks to some equalised keys and distorted vocal snippets. Like much of the house music coming out of Europe at the moment this record is quite minimal. However, the few elements that are used combine and develop into some intense and funky sections, most obviously at the breakdown. It is another fine offering from the Swedish producer that absorbs contemporary influences and manipulates them in that unique Martinez manner.

Over on the flip 'Solarbeams' generates lush house rhythms with deep techno sensibilities. The shuffling start is very strong thanks to some quirky electro sounds and crisp percussion. A submerging bass line kicks in alongside chiming keys before Martinez sets about creating various mini builds. The bass line is similar to what we have come to expect from Mathew Jonson and as such it is supported by warm pads. Minimalist stabs work well to add further definition to the track before the mood is taken deeper still. On the sounds presented here, Martinez has succeeded in engineering a lush and deep groove to rival the likes of Mathew Jonson, but crucially with an added tech house bounce and the user-friendly accessibility of Martinez's production values. Definitely a record worth checking out.

A - Irrational Behaviour
B - Solarbeams

Martinez - Irrational Behaviour


Players Paradise




October 3 2005


November 11, 2005 at 2:46 PM CET


Paul Pritchard

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