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As the celebration of five years of Audio Therapy, label's head honcho Dave Seaman brings to his fans a new compilation entitled "This Is Audio Therapy", a mix album that speaks about the label and showcases lot of fresh and unreleased material.

Alongside the usual mixed CD, Dave included an extra unmixed CD that contains 9 tracks and tries to satisfy the expectations of those who have made the transition from vinyl to cds. This autumn it's full of fresh and quality house music so the rush after unreleased material is still pretty obvious.

The mixed CD is remarkable and points out hot tunes coming from some reference names for the music production. After a sweet beginning with the breaks of Nick & John Dalagelis combined with an acapella from Infusion, the mix comes into its own with the fantastic tech-house beats of Habersham - one particular guy that doesn't stop from amaze with his undisputed talent. The Greek Kosmas Epsilon is another prolific pioneer of modern dance music, making his contribution on with three inedited productions consisting in uplifting progressive with electro-house and tech elements. The mix unleashes itself further more with quality strong tunes, switching discreetly from progressive to breaks and back to tech-house. The musical tendencies are very prominent with each new track and bring remarkable landscapes. Dave is proposing a few sparkling productions that bring a lot of first class vocals: "Finding Time (Alternate mix)" from Stel and John Elliot as well as the precedent "Marraca$sh" from Oliver Moldan pres. Prawler. After the Matrix dub acid and electronic of the guys from Hybrid, the track "To The Moon" of Tonedepth feat Matt Shapiro in form of a dark dub establishes the mystery and abstract state trough the strange sounds and ambiguous riffs. Finally the mix ends with a cheerfully electro produced by Phatjak and remixed by Dimi Phaze.

Whatever they say, Dave demonstrates that prog house isn't dead, and even more, it's still demanded by many. The sound changes though, it intensifies or it gets thin, has more audible forms, inserts new elements and it diversifies through influences coming from other branches of electronic music; under no circumstances it doesn't stagnate.

The other CD is unmixed, being a bonus for digital audio amateurs. A few productions that gets remarked here are made by Dave Seaman himself, K Roxx, Ashland, Panoptic, Steve Porter with a remix for Filterfuks and Highland. Here also we'll discover an authentic progressive sounds, but influenced by tribal, electro and tech-funk.

The reports wouldn't go that Dave Seaman has a unique sound, though being one of dance music veterans helps him stay on top and maintain his big fan base that he has won trough his productions and more though his unique gigs and the atmosphere that he creates in every club he plays.


CD 1 - Mixed by Dave Seaman
1. Nick & John Dalagelis – Quiet (Stelios Is Watching) c/w Infusion - Legacy (Acapella)
2. Habersham - Dryspell
3. Kosmas Epsilon - Monster Puppy
4. Kosmas Epsilon - Ill Ssa (V-Sag Remix)
5. Kosmas Epsilon & Viton Feat. Dallas – There Can Be Only One
6. Phil K & Habersham - Cloudbrake (Oliver Moldan Remix) c/w Dave Seaman Pres. Group Therapy Feat. Nat Leonard – My Own Worst Enemy – (Acapella)
7. Oliver Moldan Pres. Prawler - Marraca$h
8. Stel Feat. John Elliott – Finding Time (Alternate Mix)
9. Killahurtz - Kiss For The Dying (Hybrid Matrix Dub)
10. Tonedepth Feat Matt Shapiro – To The Moon (Dark Dub)
11. Phatjak - Dirty Sunday (Dimi Phaze Remix)

CD 2 - Unmixed CD
1. Phil K & Habersham – Cloudbrake (Oliver Moldan Remix)
2. Dave Seaman Pres. Group Therapy Feat Nat Leonard – My Own Worst Enemy (Walsh & Coutre Remix)
3. Kosmas Epsilon – Monster Puppy
4. K Roxx – Surreal (Trafik Remix)
5. Ashland – Clear (Stel & Tone Depth Remix)
6. Panopticon – Revealing The Door (Sean Quinn & Dan Mangan Remix)
7. Filterfuks – Mojo (Steve Porter Remix)
8. Killahurtz - Kiss For The Dying (Hybrid Matrix Dub)
9. Highland – No Way Out (Acid Rockers & George Thompson Remix)

Dave Seaman - This Is Audio Therapy


Audio Therapy




September 26 2005


October 4, 2005 at 9:43 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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