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A "Dj Future Hero" on Danny Howells, Sander K and Deep Dish's opinion, Desyn Masiello is a guy who had one of the most impressing ascensions on the dance scene in the last three years. After mixing "In House We Trust" 3 for Yoshitoshi along with Luke Fair and establishing his own record label called Alternative Route, Desyn is responsible also for a nice workout for Bedrock's OS_1 and many single releases such as The Idiots project along with Omid 16b and Leon Roberts; also a nomination on BBC Radio 1 for "Essential Mix of the Year". And now it's time for Desyn to show his skills fighting with Balance compilation series.

Balance 008 contains two CDs, as we already are used to from the previous names such as Phil K, James Holden, Anthony Pappa, Chris Fortier etc. It's quite difficult to say what Desyn strived to do with this Balance, since the mixes are flowing under the shape of house classics, deep, techy, funky and progressive. The DJ puts his eclectic and optimistic imprint on this compilation which contains Desyn's difficult to categorize style.

On the first CD it can be found many new but also average tunes, electro combined with house and tech, and the result is a quite bald and repetitive sound which doesn't transmit too much to the listener. Going through Will Saul, New Ordinament, Clashing Egos feat. Jelle Paulusma and Chelonis Jones, the mix is encompassing many airy but simple tones, tedious repetitive patterns and flat melodic lines. Further adds a tech-progressive style with some funky elements and culminates through the end with the electro stuff from New Ordinament, entitled "Dusty Little Kid presents: Dusty Kid Adventure" and Derek Howell's remix of the track "Can't Get Enough" by Soulsearcher. The track that ends the first CD is the acid and piquant "Piano Tool" by Chris Lake, one of the most resistant tracks of this CD. It immerses not only funky elements through the piano riffs, but also some electro bass lines and a driving kick pattern.

The second CD starts with the warm tech-progressive tune produced by Orbital, unleashing some amazing vocals and sublime melodies. Strolling through many funky rhythms, tech-house and also electro, some nice melodic lines are featured on tracks such as "Blue" from Rozzo or "Crush The Beats" from Dave DK. This mix is more consistent in energy than the first one; the tracks are more various composing an exceptional track listing. With Dealer's Choice a more nostalgic atmosphere is established but the optimism is brought back by the funky electro from Wise, called 'Again'. The styles are changing often on this mix, high musical tonalities but also low bass lines are featured, the cherry piano sounds and the nostalgic and complicated melodic lines. With producers such as Joey Negro, Ramsay and Ellen Allien, this second mix diversifies and makes itself pleasant with the cheerfulness from the rhythms and riffs. On this CD gets remarked Daisuke Matsusaka with his "Asian Blue Rose", a massive tech-house with a Japanese flavor and after that the excellent remix made by The MFA of Ellen Allien's track "Magma". The album ends up with the powerful electro with funky elements produced by Karu and remixed by Tim Paris; a dement energy is unleashed for this closing part, becoming contagious.

Roughly speaking, Balance 008 doesn't innovate too much, but brings through its music vitality and optimism. We are traveling across the two CDs through some eclectic and cheerful electro rhythms, but also tech-progressive and tech-funky well received in clubs with much crowd. The assorted track selection brings on a half variety and diversity, but on the other half perplexity, misguiding the listeners. So be careful, one superficial listening of the album it's certainly not enough.

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Balance 008 - Desyn Masiello






October 24 2005


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