Manoo & Francois A - Traffic EP

Coming from Buzzin' Fly Records, the new EP from the producer duo consisting in Manoo and Francois A is now on the public's attention. After "6 In The Morning / A New Life" back in 2004, the duo is back with "Traffic EP", a very nice and solid deep house release.

The first side brings the jazzy grooves from Traffic, the best track from the EP which points out a really cool bass line and some beautiful deep house riffs. After the first part which kicks with some nice synths, the breakdown comes with a nice melodic line, starting off in the second half more intense. It is not a very late night session track, but awesome for a home listening.

The flip covers The Deep, a techy-deep house tune, very simple and smooth. The silent synths are composing a peaceful melody which greatly hides under a deep house kick pattern with a soft bass line. One more bonus track is featured on the cd, which is Five Seasons, tune that creates some funky and relaxing melodic lines. A really cool atmosphere is unleashed on this fine tune.

No doubt that "Traffic" makes the law on this release and had a fantastic reaction from DJs such as Brian Tappert, Alix Alvarez, Desyn Masiello, Kaskade, Ray Roc and more. An excellent deep house release from Buzzin' Fly!

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Manoo & Francois A - Traffic EP


Buzzin Fly




September 19 2005


October 1, 2005 at 4:00 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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