MoHawk - My Deepest Darkest Secret

Mohawk is Mo Volans (one half of production duo Openair) whose productions have been causing a stir in the proverbial pot for sometime now. They now return under this disguise in the form of a dark, grooving, filtered, pulsating driven house number in the form of "My Deepest Darkest Secret" on the highly anticipated Fragile Recordings.

The original mix like so many who came before has an electro inspired baseline that grooves like a like a sharp knife on melted butter. A thick layered soundtrack compliments this encapsulating tribal drums, a filtered synth and a stabbed vocal "You like that", we certainly do.

On remixing duty is a man that needs no introduction, fast becoming the king of dirty grooves Fragile Recordings head honcho Paul Lancaster, strips the beats to a bouncing 4 to floor with a snare. The vocal is cut to add an extra layer of looped gratification while welcome additions include a deeper underlying bass and aggregated melody line.
This is one for the more dubbed lovers out there.

A strong release from a label that only promises more.

MoHawk - My Deepest Darkest Secret


Subversive Records




November 2005


October 1, 2005 at 3:57 PM CEST


Paul Prior

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