Mula - Boyfriend was the DJ

Stompa Phunk rightly have a reputation as a night and label that promotes and supports house music that is a little left of the centre. The label might be relatively fresh in terms of the number of releases it has processed but the records they do put out are normally of considerable quality. The third release from Brighton's principal electro rock band continues the label's good form and includes a outstanding mix from the hugely talented French producer David Duriez.

Bushy starts the EP and previously featured on labels such as Azuli and Catskills. Here he continues his fine progress with a deep and tribal mix that makes good use of the contagious bass line and the stylish vocal. However it is the David Duriez version that stands out on this particular release. The boss of Brique Rouge Records never fails to deliver amazing tech-house productions that mange to resist the seemingly unavoidable minimal sound that is currently dominating electronic music in Europe. His sneaky dub is testament to this fact and is powered along by the same deep sub bass line that was present in Duriez's recent remix of Jose Divinia's 'Spiders and Friends'. Extra percussion and quirky electronic noises are added along the way to create an interesting and hypnotic environment. Short snippets of the original vocal are present as is an organic whistle like sound that gives the track its main groove. A deep and destroying breakdown adds more energy thanks to the introduction of doubled up snare drums before the main rhythm comes back in with more intensity. A great remix that once again demonstrates that David Duriez has a real understanding of both the studio and the dancefloor.

The B-side contains an engaging live version of 'Boyfriend was the DJ' that is unlikely to appeal to beat mixers but nevertheless presents plenty of funk, bass and attitude. The final track is a bonus edition of Mula's second release on Stompa Phunk 'Do You Remember the Night'. This particular version is predominantly dubby with fashionable electro elements competing with the atmospheric vocal over the top of a slow and dirty drumbeat. Both tracks are nice additions to the overall package but the real highlight is David Duriez's original and fascinating interpretation.

A1 'Boyfriend was the DJ' (Bushy Remix)
A2 'Boyfriend was the DJ' (David Duriez Sneaky Dub)
B1 'Boyfriend was the DJ' (Live at the Electric Lounge Mix)
B2 'Do You Remember the Night' (Mula's Dubby Disco Bonus Track)

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Mula - Boyfriend was the DJ


Stompa Phunk


SP 1203R


October 31 2005


October 1, 2005 at 3:43 PM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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