John Acquaviva and Luetzenkirchen - Zombie

John Acquaviva is considered a legend within the techno community, having founded the world-renowned Plus 8 and Definitive labels alongside Richie Hawtin. Despite his past influence within the sphere of techno John Acquaviva adopts a refreshing approach in the studio that has seen him attempt numerous styles without the limits of genre definition. Recent successes have included the well-received electro breaks track 'Bling' produced with Madox and released through the popular Mantra Vibes label. With 'Zombie' Acquaviva applies his special treatment to progressive sounds and provides yet another fine example of his trademark production, with a little help from the confusingly named Luetzenkirchen.

BluFin have put together a versatile package that includes an original main mix, a dub and a useful acapella. Personal preference will determine which version will receive the most attention but on the whole the Acquachop Dub is the more stylish offering. The dub starts with a typical sounding drum sequence that borrows significantly from both the tech and progressive blueprints. The groove is uncluttered and simple, highlighting that both producers are aware that less is normally more. A nice distorted riff is introduced early and forms the main component of the track, which is given greater substance thanks to a well-placed mini build. As a result of a lovely electro themed melody that drops in the middle of the main breakdown 'Zombie' also generates a feel good tone before the dominant energy of the track drops back in. Towards the end a sharp string emerges from the main rhythm and acts as a subtle reference to Acquaviva's musical origins.

The main mix follows the same structure but contains more emphasis on the main riff, a vocal with additional effects and generally more energy. The manipulated male spoken voice sample conjures up memories of Kevin Saunderson's E-Dancer mix of 'Dirty' on Junior, and should provide a real highlight for most DJ sets. It would be understandable to try and define 'Zombie' as progressive, electro-house, tech-house or something different altogether. However, this track is so good it doesn't actually matter how it is archived. Fans of electronic music of all styles should seek this out.

A 'Zombie' (Original)
B1 'Zombie' (Acquachop Dub)
B2 'Zombie' (Acapellas)

John Acquaviva and Luetzenkirchen - Zombie




BF 004


October 3 2005


October 1, 2005 at 3:40 PM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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