Danilo Vigorito - Eden Club

Following in the footsteps of fellow countryman Marco Corola and his Domino project, Danilo Vigorito offers up a three-track release that explores a fresh techno sound away from the traditional formula.

This, the second release on his Intelligence imprint has built on the promising start of 'Another Imagination' and provides high quality techno with added depth that should appeal to house and techno followers alike.

The foundation of 'Eden Club' is its bouncy and funk-led loop that contains plenty of bass. An electro-influenced synth and simple stabs are cleverly inserted to add emphasis to the various builds of the foundation beat. However, both of these elements are applied sparingly, keeping the simple but extremely funky loop as the focal point of the track. At times the synth and stabs combine to produce real moments of intensity that contrast nicely with the rolling background funk. The final section includes an effective breakdown that will ensure that 'Eden Club' will be a hit in the clubs as well as a stand-alone piece of new school techno.

The flipside demonstrates Danilo Vigorito's aptitude for producing soulful techno soundscapes alongside tracks tailored for the dancefloor. 'Dubbing Angels' evokes a virtuous and heavenly feeling, mixed with classic motor city chords and an oriental sounding melody. That said, a driving drum pattern and bass line accompanied by noisy percussion guarantees that the track still travels at pace despite its downtempo feel. Similarities between 'Dubbing Angels' and Alex Smoke's excellent 'Chica Wappa' should be noted, and this speaks volumes for the diversity of this talented Italian producer normally known for his all out techno approach.

The final track on side B 'Naked Mankind' sits comfortably between tech-house and techno and would suit fans of both genres; and given time and sufficient rotation this track could well prove to be the highlight of the EP. The standard of production is extremely high once more with crisp and tight sequences. The tempo is nice and slow and can easily be modified without sounding awkward, in turn making it a great transitional record from house to techno or vice-a-versa. 'Naked Mankind' is driven along by a strong, dark and accessible groove with a manipulated main riff intersecting the drum pattern at regular intervals. The heavy electronic feel of the breakdowns followed by the return to the main rhythm creates a shady and unstoppable groove. The overall result is a record that is subtle, destructive and accessible all at the same time.

A - 'Eden Club'
B1 - 'Dubbing Angels'
B2 - 'Naked Mankind'

Danilo Vigorito - Eden Club






August 29 2005


October 1, 2005 at 3:38 PM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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