Mark Broom - Klick EP

Pure Plastic can normally be relied on for effective techno battle weapons from key players such as Ben Sims, Mark Williams and Mark Broom. Here Mark Broom is in the middle of the action once more, collaborating with 3 new artists. Surprisingly though 'Klick' doesn't conform to the past sounds of the label and instead incorporates several different influences that might just signal a change of direction from the Pure Plastic crew.

The lead track 'Klick', co-produced with Rocky Saunders, contains a distinctive electronic house beat that borrows significantly from Slam's current production direction evident on both 'Fast Lane' and 'Lie to Me'. Dark and heavy strings create a robust atmosphere that is made more intense by the addition of an understated Reese bass line. The introduction of sinister pipes results in an eerie melody that runs over the top of the brooding background before the mood is lifted slightly by bright and sharp disco stabs that drop in at regular intervals. Both producers opt to include an atmospheric synth towards the end to increase the moody feel of the track. Overall 'Klick' is a dynamic example of modern electronic house colliding with the past legacy of Detroit.

On the flip Mark Broom teams up first with Sir Lion to create 'Void'. The output is a rather typical dark electro-techno offering that applies most of the usual components you would come to expect from this genre. Flexible and distorted strings are used together with an unclear and uneventful vocal sample. Also the percussion arrangements sound very similar to the now trademark sounds of Vitalic. That said, at times the strings are extended and made more dramatic to add a nice balance to the overall groove. This relatively new partnership has created dark and slightly disturbing track that is well produced even though it is not entirely original.

'Blinded By Cod' closes the EP in a really deep and musical manner. Alongside studio partner C.J Baker, Mark Broom applies the same disco styled stabs heard on 'Klick' and combines them with a rumbling bass line and a break beat backing. The whole track is intelligently programmed and as such creates the impression of a live band session. Soft chords and melodies are dropped in and out with considerable skill and these work well with the rest of the composition. C.J Baker and Mark Broom have put together an original combination of several influences and it proves to be a great finish to a surprising but enjoyable EP from the Pure Plastic label.

A 'Klick'
B1 'Void'
B2 'Blinded By Cod'

Mark Broom - Klick EP


Pure Plastic


PP 061


August 29 2005


October 1, 2005 at 3:35 PM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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