Baeka - More Trouble

Morris Audio and it's offshoot Citysport Edition, both based in Switzerland, have quickly established a reputation for presenting some of the best new tech-house productions that fizz with originality and new ideas. Surprisingly then with 'More Trouble', Baeka creates a distinctly old school track with a warm bass line, soft claps and a vintage piano riff supported by a free style sax. The traditional male vocal adds yet more nostalgia and clever additional percussion adds an interesting element to the overall deep feel.

The remix duties have been handed to the Finnish producer Jussi-Pekka who has been going down quite well with the likes of David Duriez and Phil Weeks thanks to his acidic compositions and remixes on labels such as Frozen North, F-Comm and Shallow Cutz and it is more than likely that this remix of 'More Trouble' will increase his profile ever further. Toughening up the beats, Jussi-Pekka uses the original piano and runs it alongside a bubbling acid sequence. Intelligent snippets of the vocal sample are programmed in to add more clarity to the overall arrangement but it soon becomes clear that the 303 is the main feature. The first breakdown sees the acidic elements over-power the consistent piano riff before the drums kick back in. The producer resists the temptation to over use the 303 sounds and re-introduces the classic piano with notable success. The final breakdown combines both the acid and old school elements and takes them to new heights, ensuring that the dancefloor is well supplied.

An extremely well made and modern interpretation of a classic house formula.

A. 'More Trouble'
B. 'More Trouble' (Jussi-Pekka Remix)

Baeka - More Trouble


Morris Audio Citysport Edition


MACE 024


August 29 2005


October 1, 2005 at 3:33 PM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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