Dave Brennan - Sex on the Bleep

Following on from the success of Drink Deep/Bombis Acid on End Recordings, Dave Brennan returns with his first release on Studiotek with a unique genre-defying staple (that I like to call 'soultek') in the form of "Sex On the Bleep".

The original mix has obvious old school influences with a filtered stabled melody over an offset deep baseline. Not totally unlike Nathan Fake and Petter releases of old, it is certainly one for the more experimental of us out there.

The Roach & Brennan Rerub is a simple yet effective dub interpretation which strips the original of anything above the threshold and morphs it into a deep, grooving masterpiece. With a melody driven by differing bleeps, and a bassline complimented by the occasion stabbing of a synth line. This one is for the darker dance floors.

An excellent release with two complimentary mixes.

Dave Brennan - Sex on the Bleep


Studiotek Records


STUK 005


April 25 2005


October 1, 2005 at 3:23 PM CEST


Paul Prior

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