Hallucination Limited presents Three - Hallucienda

After more than ten years, Hallucination Records releases its first officialy aclaimed mix album. Compiled by Three, Hallucienda brings through 12 tracks the distinctive sound of the label which is at this moment ended and polished. Being part of the Second-Hand Satellites project along with Sean Q6 and the Three AM remix project with David from Rabbit In The Moon, Three is one of the ambitious Americans dance scene leaders, but his vision upon music goes further, conquering the entire world.

Carefully analized, the mix comes with a flow of new music and goes through many phases, being in a perpetuous change. From the shy minimal track produced by Aphasia to the eclectiv breaks from the two components of Rabbit In The Moon and then to Sycophant Slags and the track "Dharma Fields", the set has a solid beginning, more than up-and-coming and becomes persuasive with the outstanding beats. Continuing by degrees with an awesome tech-house tune which brings a fresh vibe, it's time after that for Bob Skies to introduce us through his massive production in a mysterious and abstract atmosphere. The beats are flowing one by one and get head at the appearance of "Southern Charge" by Reverse Commuter. First hand electro! With the atmosphere very hot now and the excellent music for bouncing, it's time to move further trustfully to the second half of the mix. Vocals, much musicality, a warm atmosphere, some discrete bass lines inserted on a daring tech-progressive pattern. Gets remarked here Little Mike with his "Back to Gravity" and lately an impressive rework from Mount Sims for a track produced by Sensitive. Some aggresive bass line are unleashed and the rhythm discretely changes from tech-house to breakbeat. The end is drowned in a fine combination between tech-house and break beat and the result is Grumptronix which say good bye reminding us to rewind the cd.

Taken after the sound, Three's mix amplifies its intensity and later slow it down relaxing the listener and offering some hypnotic riffs. This is how a dj succeeded to gather in a compilation more than ten years of hard work and efforts which represent the label; this mix album is also dedicated to Hallucination and is considered representative for the label. In a few words, Hallucienda is a solid set which sounds fantastic in a late night session in club where everybody feels the same vibes. As for Three, his fans know him as a prolific remixer as well as the DJ image that he created showing some of his refined tastes regarding music.

Track list

1. Aphasia – Say Hello
2. Rabbit In The Moon – Timebomb (Original Mix)
3. Sycophant Slags – Dharma Fields*
4. Reverse Commuter feat. Terryn Westbrook – New York To Me*
5. Bob Skies – Proletariat*
6. Reverse Commuter – Southern Charge*
7. Terry Francis & Ricardo – Change*
8. Little Mike – Back To Gravity*
9. Sean Q6 – Out In the Shed
10. Sensitize – History Is Not Shrinking (Mount Sims Rework)*
11. Q-Burns Abstract Message feat. Lisa Shaw – This Time (Grumptronix v. QBAM S25 Vocal Mix)
12. Grumptronix – Lovefix*
* Previously unreleased and exclusive to this compilation.

Hallucination Limited presents Three - Hallucienda


System Recordings




September 20 2005


September 23, 2005 at 12:30 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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