Ozgur Can - Changed

After a while, Ozgur Can is back full of force with a remarkable disc released on the label Organized Nature, after releasing several productions on labels such as Precinct, Electronic Elements, Lost Language, Plastica Red and Cpr. "Changed" gives to listening three versions, between them an excellent workout from the talented duo Gabriel & Dresden.

'Original mix' is first up, giving a veritable uplifting 4/4 progressive, filled up with force and passion. The energy is unleashed on this tune not only from the pure mad beats which flow one by one, but also from the formidable melody that is pointed out.

Discretely separating from the progy area, "Ozgur's Second mix" gives away an astonishing electro bass line and a dement rhythm with a powerful impact in clubs. The melodic line is seldom inserted in, and it is the rhythm the one which dominates the track and doesn't let you sit. Fantastic!

The third version from "Changed" is the crazy remix coming from Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden, two prolific producers already very known for their talented works. Their tune is simply massive, powerful and sick. The aggressive beats are fused with tough synths and form up a powerful alive tune.

A very good work from Ozgur Can and for sure a new beginning and a big step forward in his musical career.

Ozgur Can - Changed


Organized Nature




September 2005 TBC


September 14, 2005 at 1:43 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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