BCML - Mr. Horowitz EP

Both individually and under the name of BCML, the two Philadelphian producers, Ben Camp and Mat Leutwyler are back with a new 2x12" released on Secret Planet.

Both of them are already recognized as talented producers worldwide and Ben has just completed his solo album for Silver Planet. The EP "Mr. Horowitz" was very well received by the likes of Nick Warren which also has made a remix alongside his partner production from Way Out West, Jodi Wisternoff.

The first disc attacks the public with the original mix of "Mr. Horowitz", track featured on Nick Warren's GU 28. Unchaining in a very eclectic progressive house dotted with some break beat, the original version sounds excellent not only in club but also on a decent sound system for listening at home. A fantastic melody interflows with a complicated and prominent bass line and the result is pure electronic music for bounce and not only.

The flip side brings "More", a more minimal and techy track with some weird synths and deep grooves, evolving in a pure madness at the half when the track gains the culmination of melodies, basses and sonant vibrations.

The second disc features other two tracks, an original production and the remix composed by Way Out West. This last one gets remarked through some aggressive and powerful beats from the two veterans, and their remix for "Mr. Horowitz" represents one of the latest achievements that the duo project WOW has done.

On the flip a slow break beat tune with some flavors of minimal and electro closes up this fresh EP, not before driving once again some astonishing grooves into the right path. Unedited and very well done, but maybe it would be more efficient for this track called "Trubble" to enhance a faster rhythm and a pattern more dense in sounds.

BCML doesn't stop here, as they plan to deliver us at the end of this year their first album, so you guys mustn't squal since the ingenious duo continues to beset the people with unique and contagious vibes.

BCML - Mr. Horowitz EP


Secret Planet




August 29 2005


September 14, 2005 at 1:13 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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