Bando - Opta EP

Bando, real name Manuel Rio, hails from Spain and can be relied on to produce high quality techno. This particular EP finds the right balance between the intricate arrangements so common in his work and the all important funk factor. All the tracks combine vocal samples manipulated over the top of big rolling bass lines and frenzied percussion.

The lead track 'Opta' is especially good, using a crazed synth to add a real unique element over the top of the proven Bando formula. However, the stand out track for my money is En Casa, which rounds off side A. Slower than the other tracks, it contains a dominating bass line with a vocal heavily modified to create the effect of an additional instrument. Equally at home in both techno and more adventurous house DJ's record boxes this should rock the right dancefloor.

The B side houses two further tracks, both of which would be useful tools for fans of Europe techno. 'Pzl 6' is a lovely example of Bando's style and is reminiscent of the early work of Jel Ford and Dave Angel on labels such as Rotation and Primate. An interesting EP throughout, and one that would be a worthy addition to anyone's record collection.

A1 'Opta'
A2 'En Casa'
B1 'Driven'
B2 'Pzl 6'

Bando - Opta EP






June 27 2005


September 8, 2005 at 11:38 AM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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