Martinez - Shadowboxing

Having previously released tracks on Get Physical, Soma and Cartridge this very talented tech house producer from Copenhagen drops a three track release on the German label Audiomatique. I would like to create the impression that I have been following Martinez for a while now, but if I'm honest I have only recently been pointed in his direction (thanks go out to the Soma camp). 'Sapphire Moon' is a good example of his impeccable production values with crisp drums and distorted bass patterns all wrapped up in a deep and atmospheric melody.

Back on the A side the title track 'Shadowboxing' hits a little harder. It contains galvanised beats and an all round more abrasive groove. The main riff is quirky and very much in the style of many of the current electro influenced productions coming out of Europe, but when the bass kicks in it take this track to another level all together. Martinez adds some nice little touches including a clever vocal that drops in and out as well as some effective delayed builds, but with a rhythm this irresistible he could programme the sound of a man painting a fence into the mix and it would still sound good.

I fully appreciate that Trentmoller is a highly acclaimed producer and I'm not going to dispute that fact, but in my opinion it is best to avoid his mix of 'Shadowboxing' at all costs as it sounds like someone attacking a washing machine with a chainsaw, albeit over a pretty nice electro house beat.

Martinez - Shadowboxing


Audiomatique Recordings


AM 06


June 20 2005


September 8, 2005 at 11:34 AM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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