Joel Mull - Discotrip

This release on Michel De Hey's label represents a slightly tougher sound from the usual lush productions we have come to expect from Joel Mull, and although it might be harder than his output on the likes of Truesoul it still contains the same high quality production. The title track may make reference to disco but make no mistake this particular trip represents disco in its darkest form. With a jack-hammer kick the groove is powered through distorted dips and looped peaks accompanied by vocal snippets. By the time the heavily filtered main breakdown approaches this track will have you, and the rest of the dancefloor firmly in the palm of its hand. An excellent groove-led techno record that demonstrates the versatility of this talented Swedish producer.

The flip introduces a couple of different tracks. Krypteria is an uncomplicated, warm track that contains a fast key arrangement riding over the top of a clean 4/4 sequence. Joel Mull then pushes the track even further with a lovely breakdown that kicks back in with additional effects and increased melodies, creating the overall feeling of drifting towards space. Bump is similar to the classic Jeff Mills sound with a frantic background and a slanted synth. Constant drum rolls add to the dark energy of this record, making sure that there is little time to relax. Overall 'Bump' is, as the title suggests, an uncomfortable but enjoyable ride.

A: Discotrip
B1: Krypteria
B2: Bump

Joel Mull - Discotrip


EC Records


EC 063


April 18 2005


September 8, 2005 at 11:26 AM CEST


Paul Pritchard

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