Nick Warren - Global Underground 028 - Shanghai

Arrived at his sixth Global Underground album after Prague, Brazil, Budapest, Amsterdam and Reykjavyk, Nick Warren builds the 28th GU compilation based on a set that he had in the Shangai metropolis. Nick is a true dance music veteran, being considered for many a father of the electronic music.

Initially decided to end his contribution for GU with his 24th release Reykjavyk, Nick realized that he discover day by day many new tracks which can't be missed, so he start his work for another GU compilation filled up on two cds with fresh tracks, most of them unreleased. Having different nationalities, the producers featured on the mix album are hailing from more than 13 countries. The two mixes bring a refined musical selection, including various tracks different as style and theme, from breaks, progressive house, to acid house and a bit of electro – in a word variety.

The compilation starts off with an atmospheric dizzy breaks track produced by Sj Esau (on his real name Sam Wisternoff, younger brother of Jodi from Way Out West) titled "Fat Cat Track", following that in a few minutes the mix to change its path into a melodic and peaceful proggy tune brought by Jacob Todd and called "Somehow". Alex Stealthy also maintains the progressive line, continuing with a sweet and melodic tune which brings a meditative and evolved sound. Under the name Way Out West, Jodi and Nick are also featured on the mix with a track called "DFM", a playful progressive which actuates the atmosphere and makes the mix more driving. Straight from Mexico, the dj and producer Tini Tun brings a somber and abstract progy tune called "Over It", but the atmosphere gets warm firstly with Starcase and the track "Vapour Trails" and later after the excellent "The Drake Equation" from the two Norwegians Stian Klo si Thomas Nokling, aka Seyton. From this moment everything becomes more energetic and alive, starting a new driving pattern with "Mr Horowitz" from the duo BCML, which are Ben Camp and Mat Leutwyler. This is for sure one of the hardest tracks from this cd and also a key track for the entire compilation. Alongside Starcase once again we enjoy a melodic vocal breaks track called "Pillow". And for closing the mix in a kicking way, the last track bounces on the mix through some very fine electro vibes, brought by Lustral who closes up the first cd with the production called "Solace".

The second mix comes with some daring styles and wants to be more various, taking the listener from break beat and progressive house to a cold acid groove and smooth electro and then back to a dance indie-rock fusion. After a daring break beat from the beginning very smooth contoured by Chimera, the mix opens its gates with a sweet melodic breaks track coming from Morozov and lately another fantastic vocal from the Pop Shuvit's project with the great "Conversations". Holden's "Come To Me" can be recognized as one of the best tracks of this year, since has gained a huge respect not only from crowd but also from big djs. Enchanting us with the lush echoing vocals from Julie Thompson, Holden gives us some of the finest moments of his smooth and controversial sound. From this moment the mix changes the path and intensifies the vibes with a solid groove from the fantastic electro called "Synthetic Symphony" brought by Blendbrank and then the crazy acid house "Acperience" from Hardfloor. Deep and soft, Kosmas Epsilon brings us back to the progressive sphere with his "Sorry To Be Rude", and then Marcel Schonbrann's production reveals the fantastic vibrations from the last part of the mix. From Turkey, it is the fine producer Murat Uncuoglu which surprises through a very well built breaks track called "The Flame", and after some short and deep moments alongside Peter Martin and then the Argentinean Esteban Batillana aka Mercurio, the mix ends with the Texan Derek Howell and a massive techy production titled "Your Touch".

Already many of us are wondering who is in charge for the next GU mix album, but till then we should enjoy what's now on the attention. Succeeding in maintain a progressive line amongst other styles, "the old" Nick finally brings to a successful conclusion another double cd compilation which shall remind to the listeners that quality music is not big names or fame, but many hours spent in studious and days of work and efforts.


CD 1
01 Sj Esau - "Fat Cat Track"
02 Jacob Todd - "Somehow"
03 Alex Stealthy - "Once"
04 Way Out West - "Dfm" Unreleased Club Dub"
05 Tini Tun - "Over It"
06 Starecase - " Vapour Trails "
07 Seyton - "The Drake Equation "
08 BCML - "Mr Horowitz"
09 Starecase - "Sunshine"
10 Yvel & Tristan - "Pillow"
11 Lustral - "Solace"

CD 2
01 Chimera - " Natural High"
02 Morozov - "Fly Guitar"
03 Pop Shuvit - "Conversations "
04 Holden And Thompson - "Come To Me"
05 Blendbrank - "Synthetic Symphony"
06 Hardfloor - "Acperience"
07 Kosmas Epsilon - "Sorry To Be Rude "
08 Marcel Schonbrann - "Maleta"
09 Murat Uncuoglu - "The Flame "
10 Peter Martin - "Grace"
11 Mercurio - " Simple Things "
12 Derek Howell - " Your Touch"

Nick Warren - Global Underground 028 - Shanghai


Global Underground




July 18 2005


August 17, 2005 at 1:54 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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