Prompt - Onuba

Already known for a few releases for the Spanish label Stereo Productions, the producer Prompt on his real name Manuel F. Llorente releases the first artist album, bringing a ray of sunshine in the electronic flamenco music. "Onuba" contains 15 tracks made in collaboration with many Spanish musicians and wants to be nothing more than an 'electronic flamenco fusion'. After nine months of efforts and work, the album sees the day and brings to the listeners musicality, passion and force through some fascinating rhythms of trip-hop, downtempo, chill and lounge, all these filtered through the Spanish specific music.

Most of the tracks are composed with many cold instruments, provoking the listeners to a true musical journey. The first track is "Downtown", a melodic downtempo on which can be discovered many instruments such as violin, Spanish guitar and flute, also a pleasant vocal of Gema Hassem-Bey. The second track, "Saudade", is one of the most profound and melodic tracks from the entire album, filled up with an affectivity hard to be defined. The Spanish guitar in collaboration with the electronic one produces an amazing effect and creates an overwhelming melodic line. "Traces of Freedom" consists in a pleasant downtempo combined with some trip-hop tones on which can be found again the astonishing vocals of the female vocalist mentioned above, altogether superposed on a warm rhythm and deep melody. "Calma" enchants through the silence which it contains and appeals through an irresistible melody, while the track "Sigueme" brings us a dancing rhythm with some flamenco influences provided by some specific Spanish instruments and the strong vocals of Spanish vocalist Ruben Garrido. "Por Solea" includes some well done percussion and enchants though a remiss rhythm, while the fantastic guitars from "En La Sierra de Madrid" charm us with its impressive tenderness and the warm and sweet riffs. "Dos Lunas" is another great track consisting in a deep chill out, and "Nina" brings us on the Earth for a bit through the vocals og Gema once again and a warm but fresh downtempo rhythm. "Acid Flamenca" is maybe the most proper track for define the concept 'electronic flamenco fusion', and "Arena Y Sol" brings back the enchanting vocals and unleashed rhythms. "Onuba" is a typical Spanish song with many influences from this musical area bringing into the front some specific instruments which build up a tender melody. After "Reyerta", the album closes its doors with "Alhambra", track released on 12" as well with two progressive mixes – this version didn't makes itself cheap at all, but the flamenco Spanish sound imprint is very powerful.

"Onuba" is a project to be proud – not only for Prompt, but also for the entire Stereo, guys which proved lot of courage and initiative in realizing this unique and fine concept.

Prompt - Onuba


Stereo Productions




July 11 2005


August 13, 2005 at 1:33 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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