Gavin Keitel - Electric 01

The series Balance shortly become a land mark for global electronic dance music, and so has succeeded in gathering around it important names such as Anthony Pappa, Chris Fortier or James Holden. Therefore, the things have evolved and the half of 2005 sees EQ launching a new offshoot series to Balance titled 'Electric'. The first compilation from this new offshoot is compiled and mixed by a veteran dj from Melbourne which is Gavin Keitel, a guy with 18 years of professional DJing behind him. 'Electric 01' gets remarked through an exceptional tracklist gathering 13 track with a smooth vibe of electro and tech-house and promises very much for further compilations released under the new offshoot.

In a pleasant and refined way, the album gets started with Inagui Marin and the track "Six" and offers from the early beginning a few bouncing tones of electro and tech-house. With a fine and peaceful vocal electro, the second track makes its appearance all at once and brings into the front a remix from Tiefschwarz, two guys who make a very good job with the music production. Tiga's remix of Drama Society and the track "Crying Hero" brings an air of mystery and provides a tough and simple rhythm with a male vocal somber but playful in the same time. For making us dance and feel the electro vibrations, Robert Babicz's track called "Mover" makes its presence felt from the very start. In the same style, the mix continues with an excellent remix from Egoexpress for Einmusik and the track "Jittery Heritage" for refreshing the compilation and offering a dynamic and airy sound. Hugg & Pepp are coming next with an enchanting production, a combination between electro and progressive trance with a driving and melodic atmosphere, titled "Snabeln" – impressive! For a short time Further and the track "Stay With Me" is also featured, for continuing with Double X and the track "City Lights", a sensational track which affirms itself through a powerful and pleasant rhythm. We can breathe for a few moments with Sasse and the track called Soul Sounds (Dirt Crew Solid Diamond mix)" and enjoy a few piano riffs combined with harmonic synths, altogether in a electro manner. Dj T and "Rising" breaks the sonant boundaries and provides a few dement minutes of blow-minding tech-house, while Dirk Levers and the track "New Serious One (Wellen EP)" brings an abstract and mysterious tone through a nostalgic and deep melodic line with a meditative taste. Tech-house for the end of the album! There are Broker / Dealer and the track "Boots & Pants" the ones who take the mix on a weird land of music, experimenting sounds and new instruments. And for the final we can rest and have a break with a nice tune signed by Superpitcher and called "Happiness", a simple and melodic tech-house, also perfect for closing this compilation.

With Gavin Keitel's foray into the global dance music consciousness, the new and fine 'Electric' series is announced to follow the success of Balance, taking forward the prestige of a much lauded series. Succeeding in intimidating many djs, the new Gavin's material brings into prominence this astonishing person and dj, and above all it points out a very fine and refined musical selection.

Gavin Keitel - Electric 01






June 2005


August 13, 2005 at 1:24 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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