Fabric 22 - Adam Beyer

If in the previous years, techno music was situated somewhere into an underground sphere, the year 2005 brings into prominence this style, ahead of other electronic music styles and along with it many branches of techno music.

Becoming not only music for bouncing but also music with a powerful impact upon the listeners' mind, the techno style has discernibly evolved in the past years, and the Fabric series proves this thing. The task of mixing the 22nd compilation fallen on Adam Beyer, a true veteran of techno music which promoted this style from the early beginnings of electronic music. The compilation Fabric 22 has succeeded in bringing to the people this unedited sound and gathering many techno styles mixed with an innovative technique. Adam's musical selection demonstrates his abilities in gaining the public and respect from his fans, his dedication for the electronic music and the assiduity in improving and evaluating the music.

With names like Slam, Joel Mull, Cari Lekebusch, Tim Track, Adam Beyer and many others, the compilation distinguish itself by other Fabric mixes and also other techno materials through a sophisticated and lush sound in which Adam believes and promotes it. Starting the mix with a discrete beginning, the track from Slam, "This World" with a remix here coming from Wighnomy Brothers & Robag Wruhme opens the atmosphere and shortly Dj Minx and "A Walk In The Park" (Wink's Run Through The Park Interpretation) enters with a minimal soft techno, very well continued by Alex Under and "Las Bicicletas Son Para El Verano". The first tracks sound very auspicious, and for short minutes float thorugh the listener's attention names like The Gadgets, Dominik Eulberg si Osborne. Adam Beyer and his fantastic production "Snuff & Noise (part 2)" keeps awake the spirit and introduces more rhythm and musicality, well.. as much as it can be given to this style of music. After another great track which broke the boundaries of tech-house and techno music, 2 Dollar Egg and "Naxos", also featured on the great 007 series of Balance, Adam returns with another track, the first part from "Snuff & Noise", a track more abstract but much energetic and alive. Alex Long and lately Tony Rohr' tracks open the half of the cd with an alert and tough rhythm, dark but filled up with force and deepness. The mix intensely continues with names like ca David Roiseux, Hertz and Tim Track, the atmosphere engirds, the beats are advancing in a fabulous way and produce amazing effects upon the listeners. The excellent production signed Spice makes its appearance all at once and discretely settles for a few moments, following that Sterac and the track "Completed" to bring a fresh wave of dement beats. Softly and much melody, Cari Lekebusch' s "Motions of Energy" builds a somber atmosphere through some deep riffs on different tonalities. After the great track "Redemption" produced by Adam Beyer & Jesper Dahlbäck, the album ends with Hiem and the track "She's The One (Circles in Time Remix)" with a bigger surface on the mix.

A veteran dj and music producer also, Adam Beyer is responsible for many huge monster parties where he played, becoming an emblem for techno music. Opened to challenges, Adam succeeded to create through this Fabric 22 what is called music for body and mind, more precise he succeeded to enter through his music in the listeners' mind and to stimulate their way of life and thinking. I can only give a huge bravo for this guy who understood that music can change something from the people's attitude and life, that it has a message to transmit, and also another huge bravo for a brand becoming a legend, which is Fabric.

Fabric 22 - Adam Beyer


Fabric Records




June 2005


August 13, 2005 at 1:13 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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