Funk Harmony Park - Planet P

After the double disc called "My Truth", the guys from FHP come back with a new material released on the prestigious FDS Recordings. Being fixed for two versions composed by FHP and a remix from Steve Porter, the new "Planet P" comes out of relief through three kicking and full of beats tunes.

"Original mix" is an excellent progressive, mellow and melodic with a melancholic tent of musicality, building up from the first minutes lickerish kick pattern and a warm bass line, and as additional elements some charming vocals are working really fine on the track with some acoustic riffs. Beautiful!

Steve Porter makes his remix under the same pattern that made him a unique talent, creating a melodic and warm progressive with a dynamic and prominent rhythm.

"Bedtime remix" is the most somber version from the disc, gathering many underground sounds, a cold and tough bass and some hypnotic vocal samples.

After conquering the Iceland, the four musicians are now ready to bring down the house worldwide with their productions, having support from some important djs in the dance scene. With "Planet P" the things are working just better and better.

Funk Harmony Park - Planet P


FDS Recordings




August 2005


August 13, 2005 at 12:16 PM CEST


Dragos rusu

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