Steve Porter - Homegrown EP 3

Steve's album 'Homegrown' brought him much praise and consideration, and as a result, the album sampler EPs released still on FDS Recordings contain the excellent sound from the album. "Homegrown Ep #3" has alongside the three tracks featured on the album an unreleased bonus track.

"Fluffer Nutter" is the tune which also opens 'Homegrown' and consists in a very sweet and optimistic progy tune which give a new interpretation to the electronic dance music. With a fantastic guitar sound featured, the track laves in deep melodies and warm but dynamic rhythms.

"Between 9 & 10" bears a resemblance to the previous track, since Steve is using a certain pattern under he produces music and just this thing noticed him and made him original. Pretty slower as rhythm, this tune distinguishes itself through a delicate and evolved melodic line and a dancing and playful vibe.

The third track from the EP brings a funky and airy groove building up some solid elements which give an unique and extrovert sound. "Bobble Daze" is a jazzy production, the synths are flowing slowly one by one, while a smooth bass line creates an appealing and driving melody.

The last track which is also the bonus track from the EP is the unreleased "Neptune", a quirky progressive house with funky grooves shining through some splendid riffs, optimistic and warm, with an opened and sweet taste for music.

Steve is one of the producers that created from the beginning something unique, a 'porterhouse' which distinguishes him from others, and 'Homegrown' is the result of his efforts and the trust gained by the public and djs.

Steve Porter - Homegrown EP 3


FDS Recordings




September 2005


August 13, 2005 at 12:05 PM CEST


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