Carlos Fauvrelle & GMT - Its Alright I Need U

Between a duo of producers nutty upon energetic tribal rhythms as the Portuguese producers Carlos Fauvrelle and GMT (Grand Master Team) it is almost obvious what comes out from their hands. Their "It's Alright I Need U" is released on Lajja Recordings and already has support from big house tribal djs - Victor Calderone, Dj Vibe, Tom Stephan, Marcelo Castelli, Peter Bailey, Antoine 909, Danny Tenaglia and others.

The tune consists in a tough and driving tribal house, patchy warmed up by a male vocal which could be eliminated as well. The powerful rhythm is not annihilated almost at all, the track flowing like a bomb from the beginning till the end and accumulating on its way new massive melodic lines which actuates the atmosphere and make the listeners move.

An excellent disc for a late night house session, this sixth release from Lajja promises many things on the tribal and house sphere.

Carlos Fauvrelle & GMT - Its Alright I Need U


Lajja Recordings


LJJ 006


June 27 2005


August 7, 2005 at 2:33 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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