Bedrock - Layered Sounds 2

As it was expected, after the spectacular "Layered Sounds" compilation mixed by John Digweed and Phil Thompson aka Moonface, the second volume of this series gets in front of itself, gathering on the length of two mix cds some of the best tracks released on Bedrock and also some unreleased material.

Going through a variety of styles and beats, the compilation succeeds in bringing an excellent sound in the aggregate, not only for listening at home in privacy but also for playing it loud on the dance floor.

The first cd has a dizzy flavour of downtempo and chill-out, consisting in a one of a kind mix composed from some awesome tracks. Entering straight in the atmosphere, we meet the superb vocals of Jennifer Horne who alongside Terry Grant made the wonderful "I'll Kill You", track featured here under the shape of a downtempo remix simply and suggestive called "Softly". Not long after, Voyager & Kris Avedon and the track "The March" bring a mysterious air, building up a delicate and melodic track by a profound sensitivity. Neither this track, nor the Turkey producer Yunus Guvenen let us split off from the astonishing ambient sound, bringing some powerful emotions with the track "Open Arms", a mental travel into the world of musicality and electronic sounds. If we forgot the excellent "All I Know" produced by Morgan, the track comes again here, under the shape of a downtempo version made up by Astrid Suryanto, reminding us of her tender and soft vocals superposed here on a sweet and smooth beat. Maybe "Melburn" is the track which brought to the artist Luke Chable the biggest consideration, and it is for sure one of his best tracks ever. "Am Bee En Tea mix" is the ambient version of this simply extraordinary tune, which still now, after many months succeeds to arouse big emotions to the listeners. Entering in a nostalgic area, Yunus Guvenen provides another meditative song, with a lush and overwhelming sound, called "Indigo", following after to travel again alongside the mesmerizing sounds of Voyager & Kris Avedon and the track "Downtown Bubble". Another massive tune comes from Steiger, composing a hallucinatory and weird atmosphere with "Postcard from the Edge", track which juggles with some abstract and strange synths. The mystical air is developed further with Jiva and the track "Strange Dimensions (Downey mix)", enhancing the tension and providing some warmness to the mix. And for the final, Digweed settled up again the fantastic "I'll Kill You" with an ambient mix made by John Debo, ending up therefore this first part of the mix compilation.

Waking up from the reverie mood, the second installment starts off with a driving break beat from Fretwell, this guy doing a great job in remixing John Digweed and Nick Muir Bedrock project track. After the very nice "Forge", KVK and "Reality Theory" brings back in the front some profound riffs hided under a warm and tasty break beat rhythm, one of the first releases on Bedrock Breaks. With "Emerald", another production signed by the Bedrock duo project and remixed here by Grayarea, the things are intensifying, providing a driving and kick ass break beat pattern with some deep melody included on the background; "Speakeasy mix" it is for sure a reviving for the first part of the mix. The breaks session continues with a delayed dub by Randall Jones for the classic "Aimless Dame" of the duo Gaby Dershin & James Bem aka Astro & Glide, this nice stuff penetrating an underground zone of electronic music, and after the excellent sounds of the Greek producer Dousk make their appearance with a track which has shined for many months in big djs charts, "Pa Dida". After this charming progressive work, it is time for Derek Howell to warm up some more the atmosphere through a very melodic and sophisticated track, "Happy to Be Sad". Gradually leaving this atmospheric progressive filled up with various musical tonalities, it's POB & Taylor in charge to change a bit the mix's path with a complicated track which firstly unleash some tech-house waves and then when the atmosphere gets more hot it intensifies with some prominent melodic lines, ending in a warm place. Martin Accorsi and Tom Skinner are coming right when it needs with the massive tech-house "Playing for Digweed", while nobody else then fresh artist Luke Fair wait his turn in jazzing things up with "Lokitas", a playful tune which takes the listener into a cherry area of dance music, providing some pleasant grooves of funk – progressive and house. If you were missing some break beat, don't worry, because Steiger and his tough and kicking "Postcard From the Edge" unleashes its mystery and the affective load on an excellent breakdown riff. Freshly graduated on Bedrock team producers, the two musicians and studio engineers so called Weird Continental Types make their presence with an acute sound of break beat called "Phat As", track included on their first 4 tracks EP released on Bedrock Breaks, "Living On An Island EP". Another break beat madness is "Sk8r" by Elite Force and after it is time for the new artist Pole Folder who lately released his first artist album and also the label's first album "Zero Gold" to come up. "Salvation on Slavery Sins" with an electric remix from Nick Muir provides some great vibes around here and the mix couldn't finish better with something than the massive remix made by Max graham on the classic "Stoppage Time" owned by Guy Gerber. Energetic and pompous in a good sense, hehe.

Layered Sounds 2 proves many things – I won't enumerate almost any of them and I won't speak about Digweed's mixing skills in these two cds, because it's pretty obvious and I risk in becoming annoying. I can only say that Bedrock Records is one of the most powerful labels in producing dance music, and the variety and multitude of releases and artists gathered under a strong name shows with certitude this fact. Without intimidating other labels, Bedrock has succeeded along years in imposing itself through the music which has brought it and off al things through the artists which has discovered it and gave them credibility. And this compilation, alongside the first volume of Layered Sounds remains a point of reference when we speak about Bedrock Records.

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Bedrock - Layered Sounds 2






August 2005


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