Funk Harmony Park - My Truth Part 2

Funk Harmony Park is a collective of musicians and djs based in Iceland formed between four members: Roofuz, Mr. Minute, Protokol si Elvis2. "My Truth" is their debut on 12", the disc being released on Chris Fortier's Fade Records, and with this second installment of remixes, seems that the track has a kind of a crush for the public.

The first track is "Royal Sapien Main Room Remix", a break beat version very loaded with sounds and instruments, composing an agglomerated and profound track based on a tough break beat pattern, a rough bass line and many melodic lines.

"Marky Star remix v 1.0" brings this release further, in the tech-house and funk-progressive sphere, building up a simple track which adds a few funky elements on a rough beat and a dark melody. Despite this, the track hides a wave of nostalgia and profundity and the somber melodies point out this characteristic.

The third version of "My Truth" is "3rd Morning Dub", a kind of twisted break beat reverbed and filled up with some sonant effects and articulations. A sweet melody composed from a guitar lead the track to a shining atmosphere, revealing it and pointing it out from the odd beats.

The last version, "Royal sapien remix", consists in a warmer and melodic breaks tune, bringing in the front a slow rhythm and some atmospheric and appealing melodic tones. At the half we float into an exceptional breakdown, long and deep, following after that to reenter the rhythm for closing up this interesting disc.

The name of the four Icelandic musicians becomes more prominent and significant not only for the Icelandic electronic music scene, but also even for the entire world, since FHP gained the reputation of real electro music band.

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Funk Harmony Park - My Truth Part 2


Fade Records




August 2005


July 14, 2005 at 7:14 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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