Fat East Coast - Bisexual Harassment & Analog Snobbery

New from a label already at the second release after the debut Bootleg Soundsystem and "Human Language ep", this is the project so called Fat East Coast, rather said Matthew Hiscock from Xpander.nl and his EP consisting in two solid tracks, "Bisexual Harassment/Analog Snobbery". The tunes already got an impressive feedback from top djs on the dance scene like James Zabiela, Lee Buridge, Paolo Mojo, Elite Force and others.

First one from the track is the fantastic "Bisexual Harassment", a perfect combination between tech-house, techno and electro, an excellent tune for playing out in club which emphasize from the beginning an electric bass line very energetic, on which background is built up a great dynamic rhythm. Let's go partyyyy!!!

"Analog Snobbery" is a more acid and tough track, bringing from the first minutes some violent and weird synths which confer dynamism and gives a massive and dement vibe, making it spicier and tougher than the previous one.

Two productions which deserve our entire attention, released on the new Bootleg Sounds Recordings, already very well received by the public as well, this new disc provides some of the most solid electro vibes, transposing it from the club straight in our audio systems. Play it loud!

Fat East Coast - Bisexual Harassment & Analog Snobbery


Bootleg Sounds Recordings




May 2005


July 14, 2005 at 7:06 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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