Dave Robertson - Cancel The Groove & Long Night

With a few releases on labels such as Hearing Aid, Cuba and Evasive, the techno and tech-house dj and producer Dave Robertson is on the map once again with a new release on Sequential, an offshoot of Innovate Recordings. His disc is also Sequential's debut and keeps the public awake with two tracks already very well received by the likes of James Talk, Dave Spoon, The Officials and others.

The A side brings the track "Cancel the Groove", a driving and abstract tech-house tune which provides a fresh and cute rhythm. Fro mthe first part of the track it can be remarked a simple and dynamic bass line which confers to the track a unique vibe, making it sound very well on a late night club session. With some short techy riffs, the tune builds up a solid and constant rhythm, coming with some excellent synths which fill up the open spaces.

"Long Night" is a playful and kicking tech-house, bringing a beaming rhythm which can't let you sit down even for a moment. Some short breakdowns add some more good taste and make the tune just great, with a simple and prominent bass line being pointed out from the first quarter. This is really an excellent track for bouncing and rocking the dance floor!!

Starting with a very fine release, the new Sequential has all the chances to gain a solid reputation of first class tech-house label, separating from Innovate recordings which must be said that just released a very good track from Andrew K with a cute remix from PJ Davy.

Dave Robertson - Cancel The Groove & Long Night






August 2005


July 14, 2005 at 6:08 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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