SLG - Quarter Past Eleven EP

Hailing from Lodz, Polonia, Slg, or better said Lukasz Seliga makes his producer debut on the label Level records with a nice disc called "Quarter Pat Eleven EP" which contains four minimal house tracks, this time more appropriate to the dance floor, this new material being a fresh interpretation of minimalistic house music.

Opening side A with "Goodbye", we find a melodic and appealing minimal tune, with a few hypnotic strings and a peaceful and relaxing rhythm, following that after the half the atmosphere to intensify and to get to the climax, and then a warm end to close this great track.

Already with "Warm" we start to deeply penetrate the minimal mood, the beats become more energetic and even the bass line gets more complicated, composing a playful and seductive rhythm. An excellent piece of work indeed!

The B side starts off with "Quarter Past Eleven", another minimal which gathers some techno funk influences, bringing into the centre firstly a cute bass line and then a somber and deep melody with some dark and innovative instruments.

And it's the track "Anymore" the one which closes up this formidable disc, track consisting in an excellent minimalistic dance, the last one from this material. With a string which can be found on the entire length of the track, this production gets remarked through an enchanting rhythm animated by some fantastic elements of percussion and a few robotic effected synths.

The forth release of Level Records caught as protagonist this new Poland producer guy with an impressive intuition regarding music and a good taste in choosing the instruments and the rhythm.

SLG - Quarter Past Eleven EP


Level Records


LVL 04


July 2005


July 14, 2005 at 5:25 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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