Max Graham - Automatic Wheapon & Does She Know Yet

2005 it is for sure Max Graham's most prolific year, now when he already has launched a mix cd last year called "Shine" and then his own label Shinemusic, which had a nice debut "Coastline", one of Max's original productions. With a unique and eclectic style and a powerful vision concerning dance music, Max has gained the admiration of many labels and djs, one of them being Sander Kleinenberg and his label Little Mountain Recordings, where Max releases two tracks.

First one of them is called "Automatic Weapon" and brings into the front a very dynamic and lively progressive house, unleashing a prominent and melodic bass line alongside some pads composing a simple melody and creating to the track an uplifting progressive sound. A few vocals contour the track as well, bringing color and energy.

"Does She Know Yet" is a warmer and softer progy tune, going into a somber and abstract sphere of dance music, which develops a somber bass line and a deep evolved melody with a pretty strange rhythm.

After "the highest new entry" in Dj Mags top 100 DJs poll back in 2001, it was obvious that Max is a potential talent, and since then he didn't disappoint us, especially with the releases from this year, Max Graham vs. Yes – "Owner of a Lonely Heart" and his vocal hit "I Know You're Gone", and now these two tunes released on LMR.

Max Graham - Automatic Wheapon & Does She Know Yet


Little Mountain Recordings




July 2005


July 14, 2005 at 4:57 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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