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One of the best undiscovered djs in the 2003 Dj Mag top 100 after James Zabiela's opinion, Natalia Data is a dj and music producer hailing from Russia and having lived in Lithuania, and then moving in different locations as New York and recently UK. One of her best received tracks was the breakbeat tune "Sometimes a Kebab Is Just a Kebab", also mentioned by Zabiela and Lee Buridge, and then the track "Hit and Run" which gained a release on Rob Da Bank Radio 1 Blue Room DJ's Sunday Best label. Now it's time for Slacker's label to release her interesting two tracks disc "V.I.P."

An unedited production consisting in a minimal combined with tech-house is the original mix, a calm tune with some formidable techy grooves. The rhythm is the most significant element which dominates the track, being added up some suggestive vocals which form a perfect dance floor bouncing tune.

"Cut the Bitchin mix" is more homegrown, containing many synths and providing a tent of musicality superposed on an excellent techno groove pattern. Things don't evolve too much here too, the track keeping itself simple and minimalistic, but having a powerful impct to the crowd in clubs.

"Rhythm Code mix" contains a rough beat, taking the tune in a techno mood and offering to the listener a few strong minutes of energy and madness.. Perfectly for some bouncing parties!

"SCSI9 mix" is the most melodic and mellow edit from this EP, consisting in a minimal track with a continuous string composing a profound melodic line faded with a simple and electric bass line. Very juicy.

"Ercolino mix" takes the track on the acid house area, providing a slow and hypnotic rhythm, rounded by some synths dropping some short riffs on the track. A very good version this one, no doubt.

"Eclectic dance music" – this should be said about the music which Natalia plays and composes, but off course it doesn't stop here, since "V.I.P." develops a powerful potential which surely will take the young Russian into the public's eye.

Natalia Data - VIP


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july 25 2005


July 14, 2005 at 4:40 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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