Luke Fair - Bedrock Original Series 03

Luke Fair's recently ascension has impressed many listeners who step by step started to ask more and more from what the young Canadian dj and producer was offering. Having played alongside big pioneers from the dance scene such as Sasha, David Morales, Danny Howells, Deep Dish, John Digweed, the freshly so called Canada's "Future Hero" was chosen to pick up the third volume from the Original Series album mixes released on Bedrock Records. OS 3 is the first ever-devoted mix album from the one who released this year still on Bedrock his nice 4 tracks EP. This mix cd gathers 14 tracks selected and reedited by Luke himself and compiled into a mix which distinguish the young dj from the previous mixes released under the Original Series, this mix cd imprinting an original sound composed between a large variety of electronic styles, from house to melodic progressive, from groovy house and techno to funky progressive and electro.

The album starts off with an optimistic groovy house from Sebastien Leger, who introduces through his "Mooguno" a sexy and alive tech-house in the front of the listeners, so that we can anticipate what expect us in the next approximately 70 minutes during the mix cd. Shortly, Upfade and the track "Friday Loops" brings a fresh package of sexy grooves giving a pleasant sound to the mix and making it more appealing and dynamic. The atmosphere gets hot at the appearance of a nice and jazzy funky progressive brought by Mongoose 1. "Synth Song" appears with some nice vocals and a driving rhythm, leaving some place for the track "Ain't No" from Arcade Mode to come with some new funky beats, very tasty and perfect for dance floor. Overstreet and the track "Loose Yourself", with a remix from ATFC, maintains the dynamic line providing a fresh wave of progy grooves combined with some sweet elevated funky pads. With Moonbotica and the track "Bulldog Beats" we get ourselves in shape a bit from the settled euphoria, and it's Skylark who offers a hypnotic batch of innovation with his "When in Rome", bringing in the front a nice tune filled up with smooth tonalities and instruments. Discretely the mix goes into a more progy area, T and F vs Moltosugo bringing a massive track with a mature rhythm and some nice riffs inspired from some classic country themes, perfectly fit with a sexy pattern and piano sound from "La Serenissima". With an electro vibe, the next track makes its appearance on top gear and stays on the mix just as much as we need to make ourselves move and feel an accelerated rhythm. After some fascinating minutes given by Sebastien Leger once again and his "Electric", Mashtronic and "Supernova" continues the electro influences, keeping in top the acute and dynamic rhythm and providing some new elements also. The things are very well until now; all went really fine with a tight connection and having a look forward, this is not going to be changed, since Rowan Blades & Chris Lake come up with a fantastic production called "Malteser Geezer", edited here by Big Mince – a funky piano featured from time to time on an excellent charming rhythm tone. Making its appearance right when the two producers are leaving the scene, Paolo Mojo's "1983" leads the mix through new electric territories, providing the mix with some nostalgic strings dropped on a nice and energetic rhythm. Contributing as remixers for Torley Wong's "Xristophan", Luke Fair and Desyn Masiello compose together an excellent tune which anticipates an imminent end of the compilation, not before meeting Lifelike and the great instrumental edit of the track "Waves", ending up therefore the third compilation from the Original Series.

Remaining with a sweet taste after the mix album has finished, we succeed with this occasion to form up a much clear opinion about this guy who recently appeared in the public attention and started to amaze in a pleasant way not only the public but also djs whom have ticked with him, and looks that they didn't mistake regarding Luke's talent.

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Luke Fair - Bedrock Original Series 03






June 20 2005


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