Damian Lazarus - Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck

His receptivity for electronic sounds and the futuristic vision upon music brought to the dj Damian Lazarus props around the world and most recently the after hours session from Winter Music Conference gave him the opportunity to get noticed. Pushing things forward, Damian composes a mix album from the Bugged Out series, called "Suck My Deck" and released on Resist Records. Bugged Out started as a weekly party in Manchester in 1994 and grew to be a seminal, international clubbing tour throughout UK and beyond, ending up with a label launching in 2000, Bugged Out Recordings and alongside many compilations released here since the opening. Now it's Damian Lazarus the one in charge to mix "Bugged out presents Suck My Deck", composing an extravagant and original set from a variety of minimal house, electro, techno and tech-house. With a refined taste in music selection, Damian offers an eccentric and evolved sound, futuristic and elevated.

All at once, we enter from the beginning in the electro mood with Break 3000 and the track "Flash 1", a great combination between acid house and electro, all undermined by a powerful feeling of mystery and a profound nostalgia which is about to burst out, but calms down with the help of a genial remix made by Holden to System 7 and the track "Planet 7". After the hypnotic sense brought by this amazing tune, we rouse for a bit at the appearance of a weird track which imposes itself through a male vocal, more or less tender and melodic. It is about Thomas Dolby and his techy stuff called "One of Our Submarines", with a remix here from Ricardo Villalobos. In a little while, Pier Bucci and his "Polaris" comfortably fit up the listener into a minimal and tech-house mood, with some well done and significant riffs, creating therefore a strange atmosphere of inactivity and incertitude. I can't even feel when the excellent remix by Max Fresh on the track "Get on Downz" produced by Switch makes its appearance, providing a peaceful minimal combined with some flavours of nice tech-house. Continuing with Phonique feat. Alexandra East and "99 & A Half (I:Cube remix)", we meet some good pumpin beats which wakes up the energy and make the crowd bounce. Some smooth tech-house can be found within the driving and jazzy remix by Midnight Mike of the track "Into Your Life", produced by Issakidis and then a nice and jazzy electro from Freaks. The track "Tweekers (Extended Disco 12")" brings in the front a nice vocal which forms up alongside an electric bass line, a very good tune for dance floor. Rayon and the track "The Panther" makes a contact between electro and tech-house, coming up with an excellent production which definitely is a white ball for the compilation. At the appearance of Trentemoller, the mix builds up a tension augmenting the quality through an excellent tech-house called "Physical Fraction". After the elimination of some abstract synths, another massive bomb comes in the scene, one of the most powerful and tough tracks included on the compilation, "The Horn" of the duo consisting in Matt Tolfrey and Craig Sylvester. Raising the temperature and adding a violent bass line, this track is a powerful point of the entire mix, but the atmosphere doesn't get lower either after this kick ass production, since Audio Peru and the track "Viviendas Paraiso" accelerates the rhythm again until madness, and is Alter Ego with "Beat the Push" which takes the mix to a great minimal composed by James Holden; regarding "The Lump", James effectively juggles with the instruments and effects turning his track into a few minutes of pure madness and psychic wildness. Maybe the most mental track featured by Damian, it is James who didn't let us expect too much, since his unique bomb includes him in the bunch of most profound and abstract producers of electronic music. But let's return...The Stranglers and the track "Love 30" takes the mix to some unexploited territories, coming up with an authentic pattern of kicks and an exceptional bass line. As it was expected to a compilation with such a controversial and various sound, the last track which closes up the mix builds an attractive feeling of nostalgia through some sweet sounds which compose a peaceful and mellow musicality. Therefore, Superpitcher's remix on M83 and the track "Don't Save Us From the Flame" succeeds in a pleasant way to polish up this great mix which gathered some excellent tones and overwhelming melodies.

I can only say about the compilation I'm surprised in a very pleasant way, Damian Lazarus going into an area of djs whom want to transmit to the public more than some vibrations and energy. It would really be a pity to compare this mix album with others on the same caliber, because in an apart manner, every dj strives to bring an unique contribution to his set, this being one of the criteria that brings him into prominence, dropping him in the write place where the good ones resist and the mediocrities are dissolved.

Track listing:
1. Break 3000 - Flash 1
2. System 7 - Planet 7 (Holden Remix)
3. Thomas Dolby - One Of Our Submarines (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
4. Pier Bucci - Polaris
5. Switch - Get On Downz (Max Fresh Remix)
6. Phonique feat: Alexandra East - 99 & A Half (I:Cube Remix)
7. Issakidis - Into Your Life (Midnight Mike Remix)
8. Freaks - Tweekers (Extended Disco 12")
9. Rayon - The Panther
10. Trentemoller - Physical Fraction
11. Matt Tolfrey & Craig Sylvester - The Horn
12. Audio Peru - Viviendas Paraiso
13. Alter Ego - Beat The Push (Ewan Pearson Remix)
14. Holden - The Lump
15. The Stranglers - Love 30
16. M83 - Dont Save Us From The Flames (Superpitcher Remix)

Damian Lazarus - Bugged Out presents Suck My Deck


Resist Music




July 12 2005


July 14, 2005 at 4:05 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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